The Dangers of Playing with Laser Lights

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Paws Abilities

Howie* was an adorable little teddy bear of a dog. He wiggled as I sunk my hand into his plush, soft, curly fur. A delightful Cavachon, Howie adored people and loved to meet new friends. He sat beside me on the sofa, leaning into my touch. The room was dark other than a single lamp, the curtains not just drawn but clipped shut. Howie’s foster caregivers told me about his obsessions as we sat in the dim room, being careful not to move and throw shadows on the floor. I took notes, pausing occasionally to pet the little dog.

Howie was surrendered to the rescue when his self-injurious behavior became too much for his owners to handle. He was housetrained, friendly to people, and a delight with children. When he arrived at his foster caregiver’s home, he sported an oozing, open wound on his muzzle and nose. Howie was obsessed…

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Introducing Evie

Playing with Evie

My dad is “babysitting” a 1 year old standard parti-poodle named Evie.  Parti-poodles are multicolored (and until 2 minutes ago I thought they were actually called “party poodles” which sounds more fun).

Burger and Meister heard there was a party so they wanted to go check it out.  Of course, Evie was very interested in Meister but Meister wasn’t sure about playing with her.  She chased him around and would jump over him when he stopped.  Burger was more interested in Evie but she must have been playing hard to get.  Love Triangle.

Burger and Meister did a good job of “scratching” and “watering” all of the grass and plants in the yard.  They needed Evie to know they were there first.  They kept watch for each other while exploring the yard.

Doggy Door

Evie tried to show Burger and Meister how to use the doggy door but they only went through it if I held the flap for them.  Burger didn’t seem bothered by the door but Meister thought the the flap was out to get him.

When all of the dogs were tired of playing we got back into the car (Evie tried to come home with us too but Burger and Meister wouldn’t have it).  That was an adventure!

Busy LEGO Family

My Family

My Family

When we’re not feeding, walking, petting or going on an adventure with our dogs, Travis and I like to build with LEGO.  We recently added Burger and Meister to our LEGO family.  All of our LEGO dogs were adopted from Bricklink.

Speaking of adopting… Travis already announced on his blog that we recently completed Resource Family Training to become  Foster/Adoptive parents!  I will have to write a separate blog post about how we are preparing “the boys” for a new small human family member.

For those of you who have been following my blog, I promise to keep this blog a “dog blog”.  Please excuse my absence from posting but know that I am still active.  For those of you new to my blog, this is a dog blog and might not be up your alley, but if you like looking at LEGO you should check out our Flickr account or MOC Pages.


Family Fun

Go to our Flickr account for more LEGO photos.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Have you heard about the lion, tiger, and bear who live together at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Atlanta?


Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary says “Baloo, Shere Khan and Leo live together at all times in their own enclosure. They are inseparable!”

They were rescued together at 2 months old.  When the Animal Sanctuary tried to separate them they acted out (sounds like my bonded pair).  It’s been twelve years and they still live together and play every day!

These sound like some bonded animals to me.  Check them out on Facebook.


Car Rides

We are ready to go!

We are ready to go!

After a nice walk in the park, Burger and Meister are ready to head home.  Just one problem… They are in my spot!  How are we supposed to get home with them driving?

On our first car ride, Burger and Meister sat in the very back of the car and liked it.  Then they realized they could get over the seats and sit in the back seat.  They liked it there better.  I went out and bought a seat cover so they wouldn’t scratch the seats and thought “this is better anyways because 3 dogs were NOT going to fit in the back of the car”.  Meister would lay on the back seat and Burger would stand on the arm rest.  After multiple occasions where Burger started rolling down the window while we were driving, I learned how to lock the windows.  Then Meister figured out how to get to the front seat of the car.  Burger had to follow suit.

Now they have taken over.  I let them in the car and they just want to be in the driver’s seat.

Bonded Brothers

Let's Play!

Let’s Play!

They may or may not be birth brothers but they are definitely a bonded pair!  They still want to do everything together… Eat, Sleep, Walk, Poop, Play, Be Loved… there better be enough for both of them.  Better yet, they will share!

Wrestling each other is their favorite game.  Tug of War (with each other) is close behind.  They will also chase each other around the yard, then share the same bed (or love seat).

When they wrestle it looks like they want to kill each other but as soon as one lets out a “yeep!” they both stop what they are doing, look at each other, then lick each other’s faces to make up.  Once they are on good terms they go right back to it!

While they were playing in the backyard tonight Meister decided to take a mud bath.  He had to get rinsed off and Burger was right by his side (but out of the water).  When Meister ran off and shook his fur dry, Burger followed him and shook as well.

Hanging out on our new outdoor love seat.  Thanks Mom, we LOVE it!

Hanging out on our new outdoor love seat.
Thanks Mom, we LOVE it!