Introducing Evie

Playing with Evie

My dad is “babysitting” a 1 year old standard parti-poodle named Evie.  Parti-poodles are multicolored (and until 2 minutes ago I thought they were actually called “party poodles” which sounds more fun).

Burger and Meister heard there was a party so they wanted to go check it out.  Of course, Evie was very interested in Meister but Meister wasn’t sure about playing with her.  She chased him around and would jump over him when he stopped.  Burger was more interested in Evie but she must have been playing hard to get.  Love Triangle.

Burger and Meister did a good job of “scratching” and “watering” all of the grass and plants in the yard.  They needed Evie to know they were there first.  They kept watch for each other while exploring the yard.

Doggy Door

Evie tried to show Burger and Meister how to use the doggy door but they only went through it if I held the flap for them.  Burger didn’t seem bothered by the door but Meister thought the the flap was out to get him.

When all of the dogs were tired of playing we got back into the car (Evie tried to come home with us too but Burger and Meister wouldn’t have it).  That was an adventure!


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Have you heard about the lion, tiger, and bear who live together at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Atlanta?


Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary says “Baloo, Shere Khan and Leo live together at all times in their own enclosure. They are inseparable!”

They were rescued together at 2 months old.  When the Animal Sanctuary tried to separate them they acted out (sounds like my bonded pair).  It’s been twelve years and they still live together and play every day!

These sound like some bonded animals to me.  Check them out on Facebook.


Bonded Brothers

Let's Play!

Let’s Play!

They may or may not be birth brothers but they are definitely a bonded pair!  They still want to do everything together… Eat, Sleep, Walk, Poop, Play, Be Loved… there better be enough for both of them.  Better yet, they will share!

Wrestling each other is their favorite game.  Tug of War (with each other) is close behind.  They will also chase each other around the yard, then share the same bed (or love seat).

When they wrestle it looks like they want to kill each other but as soon as one lets out a “yeep!” they both stop what they are doing, look at each other, then lick each other’s faces to make up.  Once they are on good terms they go right back to it!

While they were playing in the backyard tonight Meister decided to take a mud bath.  He had to get rinsed off and Burger was right by his side (but out of the water).  When Meister ran off and shook his fur dry, Burger followed him and shook as well.

Hanging out on our new outdoor love seat.  Thanks Mom, we LOVE it!

Hanging out on our new outdoor love seat.
Thanks Mom, we LOVE it!

Dining Out

Another day of adventure.  Dinner at my parents went so well we decided to try dinner in a public place.  I was going out to dinner with my long time friend who agreed to eat on a dog friendly patio with us.

I packed our dog backpack (an upgrade from the doggy diaper bag):

Towels, Poo bags, Water Bowl, Nylabones, Treats

We went to the dog park to run around before going to dinner.  There were so many dogs at the dog park!  Time flies at the dog park so before we knew it, it was time to pick up my friend for dinner.

We decided to go to Mimi’s Cafe because it was in the area, had a patio and a call in the morning confirmed the dogs could sit on the patio.  When we got there we were a little concerned because the restaurant patrons in front of us said that Mimi’s did not have a patio and we should park the car in the shade for the dogs while we went to eat.  My dogs will NEVER be left in the car.  I don’t care how nice of a day it is… we live in a desert.  The car heats up like an oven.  Luckily my friend goes with the flow and if we ended up eating fast food in my car she was ok with it.  The good news is, Mimi’s does have a patio and they had no problem with us sitting there with the dogs.

I think we may have been the first people to dine at Mimi’s with dogs because their patio looked like it had never been used and they had to set up table and chairs for us.  We had the patio all to ourselves.  The dogs were content for most of the two-hour three-course meal (we took a potty break towards the end).  Our server happened to be a dog lover and brought the boys their own ice water and didn’t mind that they wanted to get a look at everything that came out to “our” patio.  The boys barked at the wind a few times but otherwise laid at our feet while we enjoyed catching up.

Dog Restaurant Recommendation:  We give Mimi’s Cafe 4 paws up!

Dog Dining Tips:

  • Call before you go.  Make sure they have a patio and your dog is welcome.
  • Take a water bowl.
  • Potty breaks away from the patio (make sure you have poo bags!)
  • Loop the leash under the chair leg and make sure they can’t get away.
  • Leave an extra tip from the dogs and a Thank you!  Dogs are memorable, we want people to look forward to having us again and we appreciate the extra accommodations (preparing the patio, bringing extra ice water and being nice to our furry friends).
  • Prepare your dog to be calm for at least an hour.  A long walk or trip to the park might help.
  • If your dog can’t behave out to dinner then you need to be ready to leave as quickly as possible (even if you have to “get it to go”).  It is a treat to go out to eat, if the dog can’t handle it then they should stay at home (same thing with kids).

Have you taken your dog out to eat?  What was your experience?

Best Monday Ever!

Playing with a beagle at the dog park.

Playing with a beagle at the dog park.

If dogs had any concept of the day of the week, this was the best Monday ever for Burger and Meister.

They spent the day with Travis and Kitsune.  When I got off work we went to the dog park to run off extra energy then it was off to my parents house for dinner.  They were such good boys!  Here are some of the adventures from my parents house.


Toys for both of us?
We like to share.

You have trash cans too?!

You have trash cans too?!

Meister doesn't trust that dog with the toy.

Meister doesn’t trust that dog with the toy.


Meister looks for back up.

Burger is on top of the world!

Burger is on top of the world!

Burger wants to jump the wall.

Burger wants to jump the wall.

So much grass!  Hey, are you going to share that toy with me?

So much grass!
Hey, are you going to share that toy with me?

My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear in bringing home two bonded dogs (besides total destruction of my entire house) was that they were bonded to each other and would never bond to me (or anyone else in the house). The drive home from Save A Pet relieved that fear that I had been feeling over the month I thought about adopting them.

Asking my brother to come with me so he could drive and Travis could be with Kitsune was probably one of the best plans for the transition. I am so grateful that my brother said yes (even when I asked at the last minute). My brother (and dad) are allergic to dogs so it is awesome that he agreed to go to Desert Hot Springs to a place full of dogs to help me out. I’m sure it wasn’t that big of a deal to him but it will forever be a fond memory for me.

The Boys are always happy to see everyone and love getting attention.  We are having a great time together!  I love my dogs and they love me!


Just Another Day of Blogging

The dogs sure have a lot of fun creating content for this blog.  After they are tired of playing with me I settle down at my computer to share their antics with you.  This is what they do while I am typing away.

We sure hope you are enjoying our story.  Please share your story with us too!

We love Cookie the Smelly Beagle and siege86‘s blog posts about her house full of pets.

Dad’s posts tend to be a little too wordy for the dogs, but if you like art and creativity you should check out his blog here.  Maybe next time he will take everyone on an In A Place adventure!

Don’t forget to take a break from your computer and love your own furry friends.

Morning Run

Let me start by saying, I don’t run.

In high school when we had to run a mile every Friday I would start off jogging then get around the first corner and slow to a walk to talk to my friends as we went around the school.  There was always that PE teacher standing at the last corner “motivating” people to keep running.  We always jogged by pretending like that was our usual pace.  The 15 minute mile.

Since then, I have probably run even less.  I have a coworker who runs every morning.  She loves it!  Makes her feel great!  When I run I feel out of breath.  Everyone says I never learned how to breath properly.  Well, when I think I’m dying I have a hard time remembering how to breathe.

When I got the dogs I knew we would need to walk them every day.  The key is WALK.  That sounds like fun.

It’s amazing what I will do for these adorable little creatures when I see how much they enjoy something.  Expensive treats and toys (that ALL get eaten) and alright, I will try running.

It started off as a way of distracting them from the dogs across the busy street.  I had to get their attention… “Come on Guys!  Let’s RUNNNN!”  Off we go in the opposite direction of the other dogs.  Meister and Burger running side by side in front of me: their tongues hanging out, wind kicking up their ears, having the time of their lives.  They weren’t even trying to jump on each other, but I could see the thought go through Meister’s head.

In the past when we have picked up the pace it was for really short distances.  They did a good job of slowing down when I slowed down so I thought I could put the breaks on the same way this time.  They just looked so happy, why stop now?  We were on an open sidewalk so we just kept going.  I’m sure we didn’t actually run that far and I was in flip flops so I’m sure it wasn’t really that fast, but I felt like we were sailing!  I was so happy to see the pure joy on the dogs faces.  I didn’t think about breathing but I didn’t think I was dying either.  Maybe this is the runner’s high.  Maybe it is just a dog high.  Whatever it was, it made me want to put on my tennis shoes the next day so we could go for a run.

Same short run during our walk but it was just as fun.  Maybe I need jogging shoes?  Maybe I will become a runner after all.  As long as I can take my dogs.

Dog Run